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Ray [userpic]
No Way out of Here
by Ray (incendiary_eve)
at March 12th, 2007 (11:49 pm)

For Paul Eluard

Freedom the color of man
What mouths will fly apart
Under the thrust of that monstrous vegetation

The sun a sleeping dog
Abandons the steps of a rich villa

Languid blue breast where beats the heart of time

A naked girl in the arms of a dancer handsome and armor-plated like Saint George
But that’s for much later
Feeble Atlantes


River of stars
Who carry off the punctuation marks in my poem and those of my friends

We mustn’t forget that the lot I drew gave me this freedom and you
If it’s she I conquered
Who else but you arrives sliding down a strand of frost
That explorer grappling with the fire ants of his own blood
It’s the same month of the year right to the end
Perspective that allows us to judge whether we’re dealing with souls or not
19..A lieutenant in the artillery awaits in a trail of gunpowder


Just as well the first-come
Bent over the oval of internal desire
Numbers these bushes by dint of glowworms
Depending on whether you’ll stretch out your hand for a headstand or before making love

As everyone knows

In the other world that will not exist
I see you white and elegant
Women’s hair gives off a scent of acanthus leaves
O superimposed panes of thought
In the glass earth rattle glass skeletons


Everyone has heard of the Raft of the Medusa
And if need be can imagine such a raft in the sky

20 May 1923

—André Breton via Mark Polizzotti


Posted by: Petite Fille (gloompixie)
Posted at: March 15th, 2007 02:57 pm (UTC)

So many wonderful images...

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