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by Urgent Alchemy (urgent_alchemy)
at December 19th, 2006 (02:19 am)

This was posted tonight
on a NY art call list:

We are looking for an auctioneer or actor who can play an auctioneer for the Dec. 30th auction at 8pm. The auction is a performance by a group of Berlin artists in which the work which fails to meet its minimum bid, will be destroyed on stage. We are looking for someone who has the classic presence of an auctioneer, yet can also work the audience a bit. We prefer a middle aged or older male for the job. We would need to meet before the auction and the auction itself should take 1-2 hours. We can probably offer a little money, but it wont be much. Interested people can contact me brubloff@gmail.com.


Benjamin Rubloff