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the spooky lunch [userpic]
Tthink of Julie March
by the spooky lunch (ms_timorous666)
at August 31st, 2005 (11:44 am)

current mood: mygyk
current song: marvyn's marvylys matrycyde

Leaving the imperial plastic paw imprint
upon that silken breast,
unsure of why events occur
ere the sun resolves to shine no more.
what became of her marble collection
shared eagerly tween bedsheets, now
a stolen bacillus for love
those royal eyes painted over continuously
unfortunately producing complimentary
shades to desire---more of his mother's
pages spin through ceremonies,
more of your life
is sewn to worthless badges
more of your name is a bestiary
to her lips that existed
but now a pretty shadow
held on by caliph-glue.
how many others you live with
that witnessed such destiny twisted out of shades
alone bound, heaven yet weeps
alone for you alone.